Business Insurance

Business Insurance is something you should not buy over the phone or via an online quote.

Business Insurance is highly specific to your type of business and each type of business will have different insurance needs.

You need Business Liability when you sign a lease.

You need work comp insurance when you hire an employee.

You probably want insurance to cover damage to business property.

These and many other types of coverage are available.

We work with all size business owners and can help you.

Our Clients include:

  • ·         Restaurants, Clothing Stores, Tile Contractors, Painters
  • ·         Doctors, Dentists, Audiologists, Water Restoration Contractor
  • ·         Retail Stores, Auto Repair, Lawyers, Handyman
  • ·         Photographers, Habitational, Payroll, Non-Profit



  • This has been our first business ins and Renee is wonderful and helpful.

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